Adrenaline, a tribute to the Deftones will be performing again! So if you could go for some Deftones music reserve Saturday, April 6! Adrenaline will be performing again at The Rockhouse Bar and Grill in a couple months. Their last show was off the hook and are bringing us some more soon to come. Adrenaline won't be alone, their special guests are TBA. The show is set to start at 9 pm rocking out into Sunday morning. I must give credit to a cool listener Josh Gonzalez for giving me the heads up. I could always go for a tribute band of the Deftones any time and every time. The show isn't anytime soon but planning ahead helps, especially if you need to ask for the day off from work. You can get more information about the Deftones tribute that is soon to come. I hope to see you there and sporting your Deftones or Adrenaline gear!

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