Someone in Texas thought they were the new Tiger King, or possibly Tiger Queen, and had an adorable baby tiger as their pet.

Waldemer Brandt via Unsplash
Waldemer Brandt via Unsplash

Tiger cubs are cute, right? They're adorable, but we often forget that they grow up to be apex predators! However, someone in Texas thought they could handle the responsibility and decided to raise a tiger cub- in their own home!

On April 22, Laredo police and Laredo Animal Control seized an adorable three month tiger cub from a private residence.

This adorable tiger cub, although looking a bit distressed, seemed very docile as Laredo police took photos with the cub.

Note how Animal Services said that it is illegal to own, posses, confine or care for a dangerous animal within the city.

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If you're asking yourself "I thought owning a tiger was legal in Texas?" you would be right, but only half right.

Texas law does allow private ownership of tigers and other “dangerous wild animals”, as long as applicants register with their local animal control or sheriff, provide a paperwork copy to the state, and follow caging requirements.

However, owning a tiger in Texas is regulated county by county. In your large cities like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, it is illegal to have them. But in other counties, there is either no regulation or only a permit that anybody can apply for. So, while you can buy a tiger in Texas, you better be in a county where it is legal, and it looks like in Laredo, it is not legal.

So, Laredo police and Animal Services seized the tiger cub for the cub's safety, and the safety of everyone around, we don't want another tiger just roaming the neighborhoods of Texas cities. 

As for the tiger cub? She is healthy and in good spirits and is on her way to living a better life at an animal sanctuary in Dallas!

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