The winter weather always gives people the blues, but Aceitunas is opening which means spring is coming! Check out these other west EP patio bars too. This winter has been cold and we've seen enough of the winter coats, boots and sweaters. Spring is just around the corner and one of your favorite westside haunts is about to open its door for their season. Aceitunas Beer Garden is opening for their business season today, and it's a great day for them to open with the highs in the upper 60s. You can join them tonight for their re-opening party and enjoy food, drinks their indoor/outdoor patio and live music thanks to Dusty Low.

Finding out that Aceitunas was opening up again, made us want to let you know what other great patio bars are out there, specifically on the westside of El Paso. Check out our list of some of the best patio bars on the west side of town. This isn't all the great places you can go, but if you think we missed a hidden westside gem leave it in the comments and we'll add it to the list!

If you are a fan of delicious craft beers, great food and an impressive outdoor fountain, Hoppy Monk may be the bar for you. This spot boasts over 70 different craft beers on draft, along with spirits and delicious food menu. The outdoor patio bar also has a beautiful fountain that you have to see. They also teamed up with local business I Painted That! for their Paints and Pints events once a month where you can create a painting while enjoying great beverages and food in the evening.

This bar has a beautiful and spacious patio that features large wooden table patio seating, as well smaller bar stools and two spacious outdoor bars. The ambiance is inviting and being attached to Sabertooth that serves some delicious local cuisine makes it even better. This spot has also been voted multiple times one of the best places to day drink and one of the best patios in El Paso.

If you want a patio bar with two levels, get ready to do the Malo. Malolam and Malo Alto gives you multiple levels to enjoy their outdoor seating and a full menu with a variety of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine to choose from. On Sundays, they also have a great brunch menu you can enjoy along with live music on the menu. Sunday Funday has never been easier to enjoy than at Malolam.

Brass Monkey isn't simply a sports bar. This is a place you can go and watch sports inside, or relax on the patio with friends and even your pooches and STILL be watching sports! They also have a great menu with one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've had in a long time. No, seriously try the lobster grilled cheese it is mouth watering. The restaurant even has garage doors so they can open the inside up enjoy the beautiful weather outside so if you indoor loving friends are too boring to come outside, you can still hold a conversation with them while getting a tan on the patio.

This is a bar that has such a unique and original vibe that really hasn't been copied or duplicated anywhere else in El Paso. The way they opened the outdoor bar to the patio makes it so easy to get a drink and then go back to your table or spot. There is PLENTY of outdoor seating to enjoy and the seating isn't all bundled into one area. The arrangement of the outdoor patio allows you to grab a spot right in the middle of the action, or hide away in a corner where it's a little more quiet and private.

If you're looking for a place with views, look no further than the Alamo Drafthouse. The patio is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal, watch the sunset and then maybe go and watch a movie too. Situated on a hill on the westside of El Paso gives the restaurant and bar beautiful views on the sunset that you have to see to believe. Plus with all the great trivia nights and other opportunities and events they host who wouldn't want to hang out here?!

Another great spot to check out at the Montecillo is Tin Man. If you not only love craft beer, but want to keep it in the Lone Star state, check this spot out. Tin Man at Montecillo serves local and regional craft beers along with being a growler filling station where you can purchase your very own growler and fill it up to take it home with your favorite brew. While Tin Man doesn't offer any food, you don't have to worry about going hungry while you enjoy your beer, they allow you to order take-out from other eateries located at Montecillo and have it delivered right to Tin Man! The patio gives you great views of the stunning El Paso sunsets that will have you coming back time and time again.

Don't feel left out Central, Downtown and Eastside bars! Your posts are coming soon......

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