El Paso couldn't be more proud of one of our very own, Aaron Jones. Just yesterday, word got around that Aaron Jones had made the NFL's Top 100. This kind of news definitely gave El Paso a reason to smile. Aaron Jones is such a humble man that's full of passion that fought for his spot in the NFL's Top 100. I am a Los Angeles Chargers fan but team Aaron Jones, too. When the Green Bay Packers would be playing when my Chargers weren't I would root for Aaron Jones. It was always exciting to watch because of what Aaron Jones would do after a touchdown. After scoring a touchdown he would hand signal the numbers 915. The couple of times I have gotten to meet the guy he is such a gentleman. Listeners would blow up the sports line for 600 ESPN El Paso when Aaron Jones was a guest. He was always so polite and courteous when he was around our studios.

Heck, I am not the only one to comment about how great of a guy he is. In the NFL video above, other teammates and players from other teams complimented Aaron Jones too. Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones worked his way to the #33 spot in NFL's Top 100. Despite Aaron Jones playing for the Green Bay Packers, I was thrilled to hear this great news. Aaron Jones had determination every game and every season based on his stats. Aaron Jones scored a total of 32 touchdowns during his first three seasons. Even if Aaron Jones didn't make NFL's Top 100 he's still a champion in our hearts.

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