Before they tore down the El Paso smelter, one man got to climb and take one last recording before they bombed it. The stack is pretty tall as you can see in the video how small the cars look.

El Paso History TV got the up close and personal look from high above ground level at the stack walk. Clearly you can tell that the camera is strapped on to the helmet that the man is wearing showing you a view from up top. This is quite the scary view from being on top of the smelter but also a once in a lifetime experience! This takes me back to that time to the day before they broke down the Asarco tower. Families gathered at UTEP including my own to take a ton of pictures with the Asarco tower in the background. Below I am sharing a picture of my son and myself the day before the two stacks were destroyed.

If you ever wondered exactly what the view was like on top of one of the two towers, the video shows just that!

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

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