Just like that, it's as though they never existed.

Around 7:00 am this morning, the Asarco smokestacks were brought down almost effortlessly.  By the time I cruised by headed for The Q studios around 10:00 am, you really couldn't tell they'd ever been there at all.

It was kind of weird ... like getting up one morning and finding one of our mountain ranges  missing.  Duke Keith got the best and most exciting view of the 'stacks grand finale. (And the ONLY aerial view as far as I know!) Now, hours later, more video is popping up showing the demo from different angles.  Here are a couple of good ground level vids I found.

From (almost) straight across

From the side

From far away

Whether you were for keeping the 'stacks or not; they're gone, it's done and now City Hall is next.

Whether you're for or against THAT demolition, by this time tomorrow it to will be done.

For good or bad, El Paso is on the move.

Remember, many downtown area streets will be closed tomorrow morning.  For more info and a couple of recommended viewing spots, click here!

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