So, Buzz Adams had himself an accident on his brand new motorized bicycle while he was Face-timing with a relative and not wearing a helmet? Of COURSE we made a parody video!

Buzz JUST GOT his fancy motorized bicycle; and, yes, Buzz is riding the actual bike in the video, courtesy of GM Brad Dubow. It ain't exactly a Harley, but apparently this thing can get up to 30mph. Pretty fast for a bike! Fast enough that you'd think Buzzerino would use a helmet, maybe?


The bike's fine, by the way. Buzz? Not so much. That crash knocked out a good section of his toofuses, cracked his jaw and broke his arm. He's off the air for awhile as he mends, and we do wish him a speedy recovery.

How is he with all of this? Consider that those gnarly pictures of Buzz post-accident were taken by...BUZZ! Yes, those were selfies! The EMT's may have strapped his head to the stretcher, but they didn't get his hands.

So cue a classic from Freddie Mercury and enjoy our tribute to a man big enough to take a joke. Literally and figuratively.

And kids...wear your helmets.

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