There's been more than a little of doubt over yesterday's announcement that Buzz Adams is out due to a motorized bicycle crash. SOME people are insistent that he's been fired or replaced or suspended.

Fake news, people have said. As you'll see below.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, the bike crash happens to be completely true. (And real quick, let's clear this up -- it's not a 'motorcycle' accident. He's not "Leader of the Pack." This was a literal motorized bicycle.)

He crashed face-first into a wall. His jaw is broken, as is one arm, and he's lost some teeth. We don't know how long he will be out for. But just so you don't think we're pulling your leg, here are the pictures below THAT BUZZ TOOK HIMSELF.

Buzz Adams
Buzz Adams

The first pic is from right after the crash. The second is the morning after. Buzz underwent preliminary surgery on Thursday, and obviously, more surgeries will be forthcoming. We'll keep you updated on his condition.

And THIS is what a motorized bicycle looks like:

Buzz Adams
Buzz Adams' missing teeth