Many have searched for it but none have been able to find Forrest Fenn's treasure chest. One man is now suing Fenn over the elusive treasure. Many have tried and failed to find the treasure chest hidden by Forrest Fenn years ago. After being diagnosed and beating cancer, Fenn decided he wanted to encourage people to get up and enjoy their lives. He hid a treasure chest, filled with 3 million dollars worth of jewels, gold and rare items. He published a poem that gave clues as to where the treasure was hidden, in hopes that those seeking the treasure would get out and enjoy the outdoors. For years, treasure hunters have gone into the wilderness and looked for the treasure but with no luck. Some even lost their lives looking for the treasure. In 2016, 54 year-old grandfather would be the first treasure hunter to lose his life while searching for the treasure. Since then, a 52 year-old pastor,  31 year-old man last year. and in 2018 a fourth person lost their life looking for Fenn's treasure. Now, one treasure hunter is suing Fenn saying his clues are leading hunters astray and costing them money and their lives.

David Harold Hanson of Colorado Springs filed paperwork in federal court last week, according to KRQE News. Hanson believes the clues are misleading and there may not even be a treasure. He's suing for $1.5 million dollars, about half of what Forrest Fenn says the treasure is worth. Hanson says he isn't going to keep the money from the lawsuit but will instead donate it to autistic children and their families. It may be time for Fenn to remove the treasure or tell us if someone has already found the treasure.

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