An El Paso teacher Anthony Michael Stokes is a lucky man since he gets to do what he loves and is getting recognition. Anthony Michael Stokes got to talk to Abc 7 News about his lifelong dream coming true. Anthony Michael Stokes has been a fan of puppetry for quite some time now.

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In fact, working with the puppetry industry has been Anthony's dream job since he was younger, and clearly, it shows. His hard work and passion have earned him the biggest kind of reward from the Jim Henson Foundation.

Anthony Michael Stokes is a teacher here in El Paso and received a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation. The students, faculty, and staff of Jefferson/Silva High School must be feeling very proud of Anthony's accomplishments. According to ABC 7 News, only 30 people received grants from Jim Henson Foundation and luckily Anthony was one of them.

If you scroll through his social media you will see a few pictures he took of his Jim Henson experience. Now how Anthony Michael Stokes earned the grant was through his creative scarecrow puppet that you can see below.

Anthony has a plan in mind for how he would like to use the grant money he received from Jim Henson Foundation. He would like to use it towards getting a production thing going using the scarecrow character.

If you got up extra early before heading to school to see Mister Rogers' Neighborhood then news like this is a major deal. Some of us are feeling jealous that Anthony Michael Stokes got to see the magic we all enjoyed as a child during his once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Anthony Michael Stokes got to live all of our childhood dreams by training and working with Sesame Workshop and Jim Henson Company. We can all hope and wish Anthony Michael Stokes production comes quick so we can meet this grant-winning scarecrow puppet.

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