Baseball fans including me are rejoicing about the latest news with Major League Baseball officially being back. I am so stoked to hear Major League Baseball is officially coming back next month. I am hoping that the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't get too comfortable in quarantine during this pandemic. The players will be reporting to training camp starting July 1 to prepare for the long-awaited 2020 season. A slight clash between the MLB players and MLB due to a cruddy deal.

Los Angeles Dodgers normally hold their training camp in Arizona but not this time. Due to Covid-19 cases still rising in Arizona they relocated this year. Since Arizona is out of the picture the Dodgers will train at their stadium in Los Angeles. Hearing the Dodgers weren't going to Arizona put a damper on plans I had made. I was already planning to take my kids to see the Dodgers training camp in Arizona. Sometimes seeing my friends visit the training camp in Arizona led them to meet some players. Since Covid-19 wrecked our plans we will have to wait for another year to see the Dodgers train. I don't mind them training in Los Angeles simply because I am just thankful baseball is back. I am hoping that the team can pull through this season without catching Covid-19.

According to ESPN Opening Day for Major League Baseball will be next month on July 23 or July 24. The Major League Baseball 2020 season may be shortened so baseball fans will take whatever we can get. But either way baseball fans are ecstatic that baseball is coming back late than not coming at all. If you're excited for MLB season returning next month leave your vote down below.

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