Luckily, I haven't heard about anyone of you on our local news for going through a horrific moment at the El Paso Zoo. Hopefully you or anyone never goes through any of those moments as seen in the video.

Bubble managed to whip up a compilation of horrific moments that occurred at different zoos. I am not saying accidents don't happen but most of the time when incidents like this happen is because people don't follow rules. For instance, remember that whole conflict with the three-year-old boy and Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo? Well if you're not paying attention or just ignoring the rules those horrifying moments can happen. Thankfully El Paso news stations haven't reported or got word of those kind of moments at our zoo. The ones that stand out the most in this video would be numbers 9, 4 and 1 that are shocking.

If you're ever visiting our local zoo again please remember to follow the rules to avoid mishaps like these!


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