I stumbled onto a really cool video about El Paso's early 90's punk scene.

The video is primarily about a band called El Paso but, contains some cool flashbacks and mentions several other bands from back in the day and features several local folks who remember the band.

This reminded me of another El Paso punk band from way back when, The Cruzados. I met drummer Charlie (Chalo) Quintana while he was playing in Social Distortion. (He also worked with Izzy Stradlin and, he's the one who told me that The Cruzados are the band playing in the background at the beginning of Roadhouse.) Guitarist Tito Larriva has released several CDs with Tarantula and he's written for and acted in several Quentin Tarantino movies.

I'd love to do a more in depth post about El Paso's early rock and punk scenes. If anyone has any more info, videos, etc; send 'em over please! Email ggarza@klaq.com, message me on Facebook or call (915) 544-9550.

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