It's no fun to be involved in a bar fight because of how dirty people fight but this one got straight down nasty. At first you notice a couple guys attacking one on the ground then turns into a mass fight.

Horror Videos shows you how now and days you can't really enjoy a drink while out with friends because of situations like this. We're all unclear as to what was the cause of this fight at a local EL Paso bar months ago. Clearly some women haven't learned a lesson when they think intervening will STOP a fight. ATTENTION ladies!! No fight will ever stop for you and 22 seconds into the video is your proof. One woman in the video who was attempting to stop or help got a sucker punch straight to her face. From the looks of it, the dude in the torn white shirt knocked out two people with one swing.

If you plan on having a drink and a situation occurs please try to walk away with no assault charges or bans from your favorite night life spot!

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