The blogging continues!  I couldn't make up my mind what to write about this time around, sooooooooo ... I'm just gonna ramble!!

We'll start in the dining category. This past weekend, I went to 1515.  A new restaurant, in the old Kobe steakhouse location at 1515 Lee Trevino. (Hence the name!)  Watch for them in our Seize The Deal and/or KLAQ half-off store promotions soon!!  Awesome food, very beautful setting but not "stuffy". From casual to formal, everyone fits in at 1515. And the food rocks!!  From biker to businessman, from fine wine to beer they have all the bases covered.  Try it and see for yourself!

Speaking of bikers .... it's kinda slow right now with the holidays in full swing, but in a couple of weeks you can bet we'll all be rolling again. The biker community in El Paso is awesome and always out to help the less fortunate. Plan on seeing a run just about every weekend in 2011!!  For details on what's going on each weekend, just stay tuned to 95.5 KLAQ.  I do my bets to keep you up on everything ... even if you don't have a bike (or yours is unavailable) it's still a lot of fun to check out the other bikes, watch the "biker games" and just knock back a few cold ones on a weekend. As blessed as we are weather-wise here in El Paso, theres never really an excuse not to be rollin'!!


While we're talking bikes, Sturgis RAWKED this year!!  Here's a picture I took of the Sturgis "sign" while I was there this past summer. My first time up there will NOT be my last!  It's Mardi Gras for bikers and I may even do my sho wlive from Sturgis in 2011!  Check out more pics from my trip on my facebook page and ... soon ... here at

Getting "high"

Covered eating and riding .. 2 of my favorite things.  Now, on to shooting!  Here's a shot .. get it?? ,, of one of my favorite shooting locations. I love being outdoors and the view from up here where I usually go is incredible!  For those of you wondering what to get me for Christmas, I could use a .40. Ammunition always makes a lovely and thoughtful gift as well!!

Double G

Ok .... enough babbling.  I'll write some more soon. It may even turn out to be interesting.  We'll both find out together. Take care, be safe, enjoy your holidays and keep it on The Q Bros!!

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