Whenever I go to parties, I don't mind having a drink or two, especially since I know I'm there to have a good time. But occasionally, I'll see someone create jungle juice for the party guests. Usually to REALLY spice up the party.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "jungle juice", according to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, it's "a homemade or improvised alcoholic beverage". Usually it's strong... VERY strong. AND there's no set recipe either. It's dealer's choice... anything goes.

So as you can see, there's many different ways to create jungle juice. But what if you wanted to give it an El Paso twist? Well after consulting with a couple of my friends who are... "alcohol enthusiasts", we've come up with a possible recipe for an El Paso jungle juice. One that's perfect for any celebration & with plenty of juices to keep cool since we know it gets HOT In El Paso.

Cocktails drinks on bar

Disclaimer: please drink at your own risk IF you decide to make this.

  • Tequila: we need a drink that shows our closeness to Juarez
  • Rum: we want a sweet flavor with a kick
  • Fireball Whiskey: a favorite when you go to any bar here in El Paso
  • Capri Sun: the first of many juices to include
  • Fruit Punch: you need a tropical flavor
  • Sunny D: because it IS the Sun City after all
  • Jager: nothing like a little sweet n sour flavor
  • Beer: El Paso loves a nice cold one
  • Orange Hi-C: anytime you go to McDonald's, people love getting it
  • and finally... Everclear

Last but not least....the name: I decided to call this concoction:

The Sun City Monsoon

Because when it rains, you should stay at home & wait out the storm. Just like consuming this, you'll want to stay at home & wait out the storm brewing inside you.

So if you DO decide to create The Sun City Monsoon, enjoy & feel free to add anything else to my recipe. Bon Appetit

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