We love food in El Paso; we love going to restaurants & we certainly love discovering new recipes to try. You go online and you can easily come across many groups that are either exploring in different recipes or foods to try in El Paso. Like the El Paso Foodies Facebook group, El Paso Eats, Huevonalife & there's plenty other El Paso foodies to look up.

And of course we love watching people from around the U.S. come up with unique recipes. One recipe in particular from a Tik Tok user in California named Nanajoe 19, has posted videos about all kinds of recipes. One that has been getting talked about is her pineapple turkey.

And yes... that's a pineapple

cut pineapple with slices isolated on white

AND a turkey...combined.

Cooked turkey
Creatas Images

Take a look for yourself...

Now I don't know about you but personally... I think this is NASTY. I've never been one to enjoy a stuffed turkey (and that includes a turducken). Personally I think this is a kind of dish where everything can be enjoyed separately; the turkey, the corn, the fruit... Plus the imagery of putting a pineapple in a turkey... it just looks painful to me.

BUT... of course this just MY opinion; as Facebook shows 24k likes & Instagram shows over 80k. It's been getting a ton of comments (literally hundreds) on Facebook & Instagram and the people are certainly interested in this...unique recipe.

Now I know we have tons of foodies in El Paso & I know there's plenty of people out there who are willing to make & try this; or perhaps put their own spin on it. Or at the very least... you can certainly make a truly unique Thanksgiving dinner with this.

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