Luckily our BalloonFest flights didn't cause traffic, catch fire or even fall on a crowd of people. Now as for these BalloonFest events didn't go as planned and left people upset and terrified for their life.

In the first video, a hot air balloon ended up being deflated on a busy street that left people waiting in traffic. On top of the balloon being deflated it left many people missing out on the Night Glow Festival.

The second video features a hot air balloon that had paper lanterns attached which left people running for their life. There was a glitch in the paper lanterns that eventually set off the fireworks at ground level.

Finally the last BalloonFest fail happened on a windy day that almost left people as a landing strip. Luckily, a staff member saved some people from being smacked by the hot air balloon.

Hopefully these fails don't occur at our 30th Anniversary BalloonFest!