Making decisions can be very difficult, especially trying to pick which day to attend BalloonFest. If you're indecisive, solve your problem easily by attending BalloonFest all three days with a festival pass. If you can't attend all three days then which day will you choose to grill, ride and rock?

Opening up for the very first day of the Klaq Balloonfest will be Gin Blossoms on Saturday. That band will make your family outing that much cooler at Wet N' Wild.

As for round two of the Klaq Balloonfest, it will be turned up a notch with the powerful roaring from All That Remains and Sons of Texas.

Putting an end to the event are some bands that will leave you with an unforgettable experience and possibly ringing of the ears. Volbeat and Anthrax will be closing up our 30th anniversary Balloonfest for 2015.

Let us know which day or days you will be attending for our 30th Anniversary Balloonfest!

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