Hi, me again!  Blogging along and doing something I rarely .. if ever .. do.  Posting depressing stuff. 

I have to though; in the annals of rock December 8th, is surely one of it's darkest days.  A day we said goodbye, way to soon, to two geniuses. Way to horribly as well. Plane crashes, overdoses and health issues are bad enough. Cold blooded murder is the hardest to accept. 

I'm sure somewhere, somebody is scoffing at my use of the word genius. Hush. They were and that's all there is to it!!  There may be someone better somewhere, but I surely haven't found him .. or her .. yet. For what they did and how they did it; these two stars will forever shine.

Dimebag Darrel

Rest In Piece gentlemen and thank you. Thank you for the lessons you taught, the trails you blazed and the joy you gave.

Thank you for the music .. those amazing bits of yourselves you gave to each of us.

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