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If John Lennon had Auditioned for “The Voice” (VIDEO)
I've been saying all along that if some musical legends had had to audition on a reality TV show, they never would have had careers. Sure, 20 year old Elvis Presley would impress judges be they Voice, Idol, Xfactor, or Rock Star: Supernova.
But what about Mick Jagger? Would he get a ticket to Hollywo…
John Lennon’s Tooth Slated for Auction
Beatles fans often clamor to get their hands on just about anything related to the Fab Four, but this is one piece of memorabilia that may give pause to even the most rabid collector: a tooth, purportedly pulled from the mouth of John Lennon.
A Dark Day For Rock
Hi, me again!  Blogging along and doing something I rarely .. if ever .. do.  Posting depressing stuff. 
I have to though; in the annals of rock December 8th, is surely one of it's darkest days.