Today being September 11 is a day we will always remember and never forget that holds a place in our hearts. It's been sixteen years since that horrific attack on the World Trade Center and still affects us the same every year.

Raider published a tribute video earlier today to remember those we lost on this day many years ago. There have been many stories published today hearing about the heroes who were saving others before themselves. This video shows you different footage of people saving others, the towers collapsing and other tragic sights. I remember I was in English class and that day the teachers just had us watching the news in every period. One of the teachers at Coronado High School was crying because her daughter worked in the World Trade Center. Disney having respect like they always do, made some changes to their movie Lilo & StitchThey had to make quite a few changes in certain scenes due to the 9/11 event.

Today we will remember those who lost their lives on this day and forget those who caused it.

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