On September 11, 2001, almost every teacher at Coronado High School ditched lessons to watch the news. That entire day was sad for a lot of us near and far from New York City. At that time frame, I was a junior at Coronado High School in 2001.

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That morning I had English class for the first period with Mrs. Maxwell. My English class was in the C building on the second floor. I remember walking into class and then teachers rushing out to console another fellow teacher.

Apparently, a relative of another teacher worked at the World Trade Center. I remember hearing her cry in the hallway while we were put to watch the television about what was happening. Every single class since school started that morning focused on watching the news.

I even remember our English teacher constantly walking outside the classroom to check on the other teacher. The other teacher kept trying to reach out to her relative and still got no answer. There was so much to take in from that day and even at home.

Watching the news that evening on 9/11 was heartbreaking for sure. There were clips of people full of dust and some completely unrecognizable. I remember wondering about the other family members watching the news worried about loved ones they know at the World Trade Center.

September 11, will always and forever be remembered and never forgotten. It is the day we remember the heroes and victims that lost their lives. Also, it always takes us back to what we were doing that day as the terrorist attacks were happening.

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