El Paso native Gabriel Nunez sure does make our city shine bright because of his skills and charming looks. The name may sound familiar because you either went to school with him or because of his star status in Hollywood.

Gabriel Nunez was born and raised in El Paso and is now he is living in Los Angeles doing big things. The last time I spoke to Gabe I remember he is always thrilled to be involved in pretty much anything El Paso based. This is proof he loves staying in touch with his hometown and visits when he can.

He was the dude you would see around town doing parkour. You've also seen him on the big screen, you just didn't really notice it.

Gabe's charming good looks landed him as Colin Farrell and Taylor Lautner's stunt double in certain movies. So the next time you see crazy action scenes in Tracer's you're watching Gabriel Nunez NOT Taylor Lautner. You can view the full list of stunts he has done since he started on his IMDb profile.

He was even featured in a music video for 3 Doors Down "It's Not My Time" music video above.

Gabriel has been doing parkour for a long time now and he loves every minute of it. You can definitely see his passion illuminating when he is in parkour mode.

His love for parkour inspired him to create his own running company, Tempest Free Running which he established in 2007.

Tempest Free Running is located in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Dallas and maybe another spot in the future. Tempest Free Running has an academy that can teach you the basics of parkour to top-notch and tricks of free running.

More importantly, his main important mission is raising his daughter with his wife. Gabriel is no stranger to the 915 and always supports his hometown hundreds of miles away in California. If you would like to ask Gabriel Nunez something send in your questions to Veronicag@klaq.com.

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