This is a special moment that may have happened a year ago but it's worth sharing to show that wishes do come true! This is John Hetlinger, he's an 82-year-old man that had performed on America's Got Talent singing "Dragula" by Rob Zombie.

This guy shouldn't even be considered an old timer since he can get into some hardcore stuff that's made for the youth. Drowning Pool had a concert in Chicago for Open Air Festival Friday and welcomed John to sing "Bodies" on stage with them. You know this man was beyond stoked to have another one of his wishes come true. Witnessing this special moment must leave you hoping that some of his relatives are fans of the band and music. So not only does John's record confirm he's a Navy Veteran, Aerospace Engineer and now rockstar.

If it were up to me I would totally get this man a contract with a record label STAT!

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