This past Tuesday the El Paso Police Department introduced 5 tips on avoiding a DWI. Unfortunately, those are tips we have already heard from our family and friends. The El Paso Police Department recently posted some tips on how to avoid a DWI. Most of the tips they provided are pretty much common sense. After reading their advice on avoiding a DWI is the advice I have heard from family and friends. I remember with my group of friends I was the designated driver most of the time. So I thought about some bribes that would convince someone to be a designated driver for the night. The list below will spare you a DWI that can really damage your street cred aka your reputation. If you would love to continue being able to drive around freely and keep your license get a designated driver! One of these five tips will help assign one of your friends to be a designated driver like it did for me.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Treat The DD To Chico's Tacos

    You offer to buy them munchies if they play the designated driver role. A free late night meal at Chico's Tacos sure can convince someone to be the designated driver! I am sure your DD would love to be treated to Chico's Tacos after babysitting you.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Pitch In Gas Money For DD

    It's cheaper to split a gas fill up between you and your friends over a DWI any day! If my friends pitched in money for me to drive them safely around would have me sold. You can risk losing your license over one fun night or keep having fun nights out.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    DD Gets To Pick The Music Playlist

    Music always helps when you're hopping around from one bar to another. So it is important to play those pumped up tunes to get you ready for a fun filled night. We all know it can be a battle when it comes to picking the music. Every passenger in the vehicle always fights over who gets to play DJ. This kind of privilege will excite the DD driver who can torment their passengers.

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Treat DD To Starbucks To Recap Your Shenanigans

    You can always count on your designated driver to give you a play by play of the night before. They were sober enough to recall every move you made the night before. If you and your friends drink to the point you don't recall anything after midnight, your designated driver does!

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Give Your DD A Fun Outing By Being Their DD

    Your DD won't mind keeping you safe if you do the same in return on your next outing. It always feels good knowing you have a designated driver for the night. Your group of friends can all take turns getting in on these DD privileges.