The Mexican Food Cook-Off is this weekend and I am looking forward to some great food and music! I am mostly excited to see the Battle of the Rock-N-Roll Mariachis Competition on Sunday! I don't get to judge but I know I would totally buy some tacos for whoever did an awesome cover of any of these songs.

The bands that are going to be participating this Sunday, probably have some awesome song ready for this weekend. I'm hoping to hear one of these songs during the competiton because I believe they would sound pretty cool yet funny, Mariachi style.

1. Queen - Fat Bottom Girls

This classic will get all the curvy El Paso ladies up on their feet and twerking with tacos! We might be the 'fittest city' but that doesn't mean we don't have those gorgeous big women! Freddie knew big girls need love too!

2. Buckcherry - Crazy Bit*h

At Speaking Rock concerts, this song is always a crowd favorite to sing along to as you wait for the show to start. I really think the lyrics in this song are hilarious so why not get everyone to join in. Maybe a mariachi style won't sound so mean.

3. The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

You seriously can't resist singing along to this song! It's such a happy rock song and probably has one of the best videos ever! I think adding some trumpets to this song would be epic!

4. In This Moment - Adrenalize

Seriously one of the sexiest videos and songs ever! Why wouldn't you want to hear this covered by a Mariachi band?

5. Dio - Holy Diver

The late, great Dio probably would have loved to hear his song with a mariachi twist and so would everyone else. JUMP ON THE TIGER!



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