battle of the rock n roll mariachis

5 Songs I Would Love to Hear Mariachi Style [VIDEOS]
The Mexican Food Cook-Off is this weekend and I am looking forward to some great food and music! I am mostly excited to see the Battle of the Rock-N-Roll Mariachis Competition on Sunday! I don't get to judge but I know I would totally buy some tacos for whoever did an awesome cover of any of th…
Mariachi Son De Mexico “AC/DC Medley”
Congratulations to Mariachi Son De Mexico for winning the 2010 Battle of the Rock N Roll Mariachis! They're performance of the AC/DC Medley got the biggest crowd response of the day!
Thanks to everyone who came out and had fun with us at the 2010 Mexican Food World Cookoff...
Mexican Food World Cookoff Gallery
A bunch of pictures from the 2010 Mexican Food World Cookoff and Battle of the Rock N Roll Mariachis! Great food was served, funny versions of rock songs were performed...a good day was had by all!