It's finally February! Is it me or did January seem to last an eternity? The season of love here and Valentine's Day is right around the corner! I actually love Valentine's day, I'm a romantic at heart. Even though I don't have a significant other, I still love celebrating Valentine's day. I celebrate with friends and family because really, it's all about love.

But even though I'm all about Valentine's day, I definitely know the struggle of dating. Dating is tricky in today's world, there are so many apps out there that it's daunting trying to find the right one for you. The culture is different when you're online dating, whether it's a dating app or social media. Even the lingo is different. With the emergence of social media and relationships came the introduction of new terms like catfishing, ghosting, and cuffing season. It may seem like a new term is coming out every week, and you're right! Below you'll find five new dating terms thanks to the people over at Plenty Of Fish and Business Insider for gathering the data to help you prepare for 2018! So until you find your bae, be on the lookout for these signs, you don't want to end up fauxbae-ing on Valentine's day!

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