Looks like a dry season isn't just a weather forecast in Arizona, it can also apply to the dating lives of Arizonians!

Now a study is confirming what most locals knew: dating in Arizona sucks! Spokeo.com recently ranked Arizona as the second worst state for single people in the country!

In Spokeo's study, they looked at the many factors and weighted their impact based on how much they would influence the dating experience, they included factors such as:

  • Percent of never-married adults
  • Confidence/romance crime victims per state per capita
  • Mental health providers per state per capita
  • Unemployment rate per state
  • Cost of living annual average
  • States most likely to ghost you
  • Formal volunteers per state per capita
  • Registered voters per state per capita

Unfortunately, Arizona was reported as having the highest number of confidence/romance crime victims per capita, which contributed heavily to its low ranking.

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I'm sure you can't escape ghosting no matter what state you're in, however, that chance goes way up if you're in the Grand Canyon state.

I have to say I'm not surprised that much by this study, it wasn't too long ago that we learned that one Arizona city ranked as one of the cities with the most "adulterous behavior" aka cheating.

Cheating and Affairs
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Tucson, Arizona was ranked 13th nationwide for adulterous behavior in an Ashley Madison study.

There was not much data revealed about how Tucson made it to the list; but this revelation could go one of two ways- it could make locals a little paranoid and suddenly suspicious of their partners- or it could drum up business, and possibly tourism money!

Maybe that Ashley Madison study influenced this study's numbers! Either way, if you're in Arizona and in the dating scene, my condolences to you!

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