Since today is considered a bad luck day for some (including me) I have always followed 4 rules. Before I never had a list of things to avoid doing on Friday the 13 until 10 years ago. Back in 2009, I experienced the worst Friday the 13 that officially scarred me for life. Since 2009 I have always experienced some sort of bad luck on this day that led me to obey my rules.

Usually, on Friday the 13, I prefer to just keep to myself and stay indoors to avoid any problems. I remember one Friday the 13 my black furry tuxedo cat, Atticus had gotten out and never returned. Another time I had experienced a bad luck kind of day I had gotten in a car accident. There have been so many instances I encountered on a day like today that led me to create this set of rules. The fact that today is Friday the 13 and there will be a full moon tonight doesn't help.

  • Kevin and Angie Vargas
    Kevin and Angie Vargas

    Don't Let Your Pets Out

    Since my Atticus never returned back home, I make sure my cats never get out of the house now. I strongly advise you to make sure they stay indoors to keep them safe. There are some crazy people who have been known to sacrifice animals on a day like today.

  • NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
    NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    Don't Have Sex

    If you're someone who can't go without having sex then be sure to plan ahead. Don't even consider taking the chance of using the pull out method on a day like today. But if you still decide to get it in just make sure to use protection and buy the Plan B pill. After all, it is Friday the 13 and expecting a full moon tonight.

  • AFP/Getty Images
    AFP/Getty Images

    Don't Plan On Driving Anywhere

    You should plan on just staying in tonight so avoid any accidents or tickets. Just plan on driving straight home right after work and call it vegging out kind of night. Don't take the risk of getting into a fender bender whether you or someone else is at fault.

  • Getty Images for Rose Bar
    Getty Images for Rose Bar

    Don't Go Out Partying

    It was not that long ago when there was a shooting at Cinci East district off Zaragoza. Why take your chances tonight especially when it's a harvest moon? Plus, the clubs and bars will still be around for you to party at with your friends. Instead, play it safe and stay in to watch horror movies tonight for Friday the 13.

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