We all know someone who enjoys sunbathing during the summertime in El Paso. We have heard about lots of people that schedule some time to squeeze in sunbathing. But what you rarely hear about are the people who enjoy moon bathing.

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If you're confused about how moon bathing works, it's just like you do in the sun except with the moon instead. Sure some people think moon bathing sounds silly, it actually really isn't. In fact, it is believed to help you out in a few positive ways.

The perk about moon bathing is you can always stay comfortable unlike sunbathing. Some of us who like sunbathing struggle because of how it can actually get.

If you don't have a pool in your backyard then you keep a hose nearby to cool you off. But moon bathing is the opposite of sunbathing since you stay fresh, relaxed, and calm.

The best time for moon bathing is when there is a full moon. While you're soaking up the moon rays it can help put you at ease. But in Ayurvedic medicine moonlight helps heal and calm your body.

Lately, El Paso has had the best moonlight for moon bathing since last Wednesday, October 20. I sure as hell took advantage of it because anyone who knows me knows I stress like no other. The List Show TV offers tips to give you an exceptional moon bathing experience.

Well, after moon bathing last week I certainly felt myself destressing from all my worries. So if you have anxiety, stress like crazy, and need help getting in relaxation mode, I suggest moon bathing. Below are some photos from my moon bathing session under a full moon in El Paso.

Moon Bathing In El Paso

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