Happy Earth day! This is the 50th anniversary of Earth day and I'm sure this is definitely a strange one. We are all dealing with this pandemic that has resulted in major changes for Earth. We're seeing a dip in air pollution in China, India and the U.S. The waters of Venice are now clear and dolphins are swimming freely, animals are roaming freely. I'm seeing more people walking, before shutdowns I saw more people hiking in our beautiful state parks.

Of course, a pandemic is definitely not the way we wanted to go about this, but it is what it is.This Earth day, even though you are suppose to be social distancing, there are still great ways to celebrate the Earth, and great ways to get your kids involved! Here are four great activities to celebrate Earth Day while social distancing.

  • Watch an Earth documentary on Netflix, Disney+, and Prime 

There's tons of great documentaries on streaming platforms! These aren't the boring documentaries you remember from school, these are great at catching the attention of kids (as someone who has nephews, I can attest to that statment). One is hosted by Will Smith and all include great shots of cute animals! You can check out a great list here.

  • Tune in to Earth Day Live 

Streaming all day on EarthDay.org, the website will offer messages from Elizabeth Warren, The Pope and live performances.

  • Clean up Your Neighborhood

Everyone is getting into taking walks in our neighborhood, an activity I assume many are also doing. Take this time to pick up some trash. Picking up trash doesn't sound like a fun activity, but when you turn it into a scavenger hunt, make it a friendly competition between kids and celebrate a job well done with a special treat. You can check out a cool guide, and ways to keep it safe here.

  • Make a Terrarium 

Terrariums are all the rage right and there's tons of videos available on how to make some for free! It's a great activity for kids, gets them in touch with the Earth and allows them to creatively express themselves.

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