When 30 Seconds to Mars finally wrapped up their monster ‘Guiness Book of World Record’ breaking world tour in support of ‘This Is War,’ the future of the band was a bit unknown. Although they never went on record to say they were breaking up, they never denied the claim either – leaving fans to speculate and fear the worst.

However, 30 Seconds to Mars fans can rest easy: the band isn’t going anywhere and have begun working on their fourth studio album. Leto explains that they really didn’t know what would come next, telling Rolling Stone, “We really didn’t know what the future was, and rather than make it up, we didn’t want to commit to anything,”

Leto has been hard at work, admitting that he’s already penned over 50 songs for consideration on the new disc. Describing the sound as a “dramatic departure from the past,” Leto said that the new direction is “very orchestral, narrative, interactive and even more electronic than previous projects”.

The singer also admitted that he’s definitely open to collaborating with some outside artists this time around, with a specific nod to M83’s Morgan Kibby, who has already stopped by the studio once. Leto didn’t stop there though. He’d love to collaborate with Eminem, saying, “That would be pretty mind-blowing.”

Although the band has shelved all plans of touring in 2012 to focus their efforts on creating new music, they will, as they always do, keep their fans very involved. In fact, on April 27 fans can check out a live performance from the studio on Leto’s new website VyRT.net. The studio-cast will include the band playing acoustically, a preview of their live tour film ‘Artifact’ in addition to a Q&A session.

Leto hopes that he’ll be able to expand the concept of his new website with other musicians, leaving the artists in control. He explained, “We’re actually saying to artists, ‘You can be in control. You can plan and develop a show yourself, and it can be traditional or non-traditional. Essentially this is a platform for anything and everything live that people want to share in a social theater.” If anyone has mastered social theater, it’s definitely 30 Seconds to Mars. Log on to VyRT.net by today (April 25) to buy a ticket to the upcoming online event.