Jared Leto and the rest of the guys in 30 Seconds To Mars are traveling across the US to promote their new album America and were spotted in Texas. Looks like Jared Leto and the rest of the guys from 30 Seconds To Mars kept their promise to "hitchhike, walk, run, climb, bike and work" across America to promote their new album, America, that comes out this Friday. Leto started out the #MARSACROSSAMAERICA voyage On April 2nd with a performance in New York's Times Square.

From there, he traveled to Grand Central Station and Union Square before heading off to Cleveland, Ohio where he checked out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame then off to Chicago. On April 3rd, he let fans know on Twitter that he would be visiting 5 states in 24 hours. Next stop was Dallas where he hopped on a Greyhound Bus for a special listening session of the new album with some fans. So how does a huge rock star and actor get from Dallas to Austin? Hitchhiking of course!

Jared Leto was spotted near Fort Worth trying to hitch a ride in a red and blue flannel, checkered Vans and a winter parka. Someone must have picked him up because Leto was next seen at the Texas Motor Speedway with his friend Tyler Reddick. Leto hopped into a bright pink race car that had new album promotion plastered all over it. After taking a spin around the track, he let fans know that he would be heading over  to Austin's I Love You wall outside of Jo's Coffee where he took pictures with fans and had an impromptu performance. He even brought with a small choir and guitarist. On top of all that, 50 luck fans in attendance got free tickets to their upcoming show in Austin.

So where is Leto and company headed next? There wasn't a lot of details exactly where he was heading next, and Leto hasn't updated his Twitter since the Austin performance so no word on what state will be lucky enough to see him next. Fingers crossed you may see him grabbing a quick bite to eat at a truck stop near you.

Jared Leto visits Texas Motor Speedway
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