Most people have had to deal with a pimple and it usually takes them a day or two to get rid of it. Well this one lady decided to keep one of her blackheads for 25 years like a pet. I'm not sure if I am more disturbed by how they take out the pimple or that it is older than me.

YouTube user J Hall decided to film the removal of his aunt's massive blackhead and share it with the world. After 25 years of a decent relationship with the blackhead, I have no idea why the aunt decided to finally get rid of it and not even give it a name.

They decided to pull out the blackhead with some tweezers but the gross part is no one is wearing glove! Are you kidding me? I also would like to know where this massive creature is located.When they pull the camera away to examine what looks like a chewed up tootsie roll, it looks like she moves her skirt or dress, so maybe on her thigh?

Check out the the struggle to remove this hideous thing and guess where you think it's located. If you can get through the whole video without throwing up, you deserve a tootsie roll!