A type of "super lice" is hitting half the US and has people concerned. The strain is resistant to most over-the-counter medications and has hit Texas.

A new type of "super lice" has been found in the United States that is affecting almost 40 states. According to KSDK, the new strain is resistant to most over-the-counter treatments. Pyrethroids is the chemical used in most over-the-counter lice treatments. Back in 2000, they had a success rate of 100% when treating lice. But in 2013, that number went down drastically to only 25%.

Now, in 25 states 100% of the lice tested were resistant to pyrethroids. This includes California, Arizona and Texas. New Mexico indicated that 1%- 49 % were resistant to common treatments.

There is a new treatment for this super lice that is said to have a 100% success rate. the FDA-approved AirAllé takes about an hour and has been found to work against the new lice. The treatment costs $170 but it may be covered by your insurance.

AirAllé uses heated air and dehydrates the lice and eggs using the applicator tip that changes position on your head every 30 seconds. Once your head is completely done, they comb out the dead lice and eggs and give you a post-treatment rinse.

A research team at Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville were the first to discover the new super strain of lice. A researcher with the team said that the findings don't mean the lice isn't completely immune to pyrethroids but that a higher dose is necessary. Researchers recommended head lice sufferers to do two over-the-counter treatments and leave it on for the entire amount of time.

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