It's got a ton of restrooms, a ton of living rooms, a ton of kitchens and, well, a ton of families too.

The most expensive multi-family residence listed in El Paso so far in 2020 has been sold. It's loaded with everything you would expect and also has an incredible view, is located in a vibrant and established part of town, and is convenient to just about everything ... shopping, airport, health care, etc. The Los Arcos Apartment building, now under contract, is currently 2020’s highest multi-family listing in El Paso at $3.8 million dollars.

The Los Arcos Apartments, located at 4600 Alabama, sit in a very cool neighborhood. It's a somewhat older part of town, so the surrounding architecture is not only beautiful but different than what you'll find throughout the rest of El Paso. The 'hood really started to pop in the 1950's, and both the look and feel of the area reflect that time period. The structures, homes, and (most) area businesses alike reflect the architecture and design of the eras in which they were created ... 50's - 60's for the most part ... giving the area it's unique look and feel. Originally constructed in 1949, additions to the complex were made in 1972 and 2011, and it has long been a landmark in the area referred to by locals as "central."

The building practically abuts the Franklin Mountains and is about a 20-minute drive from pretty much anywhere in town. It's within walking distance of schools, shops, parks, and more including McKelligon Canyon. A national park well known for climbing, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, and the El Paso area's only amphitheater, which is nestled in the heart of the canyon.

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