If you've always wanted to live right on the beach, but don't have a ton of money, consider this Texas city.

One of the worst things about vacationing at a beautiful beach house is having to pack up and leave when your stay has ended. You wish it could last forever and, maybe, it can.

Realtor.com just released its list of the most affordable spots in the United States Of America to own a beach home and one of those cities is in Texas.

You do open yourself up to some ... unique, shall we say ... "issues" living on the beach like hurricanes and tropical storms but, overall, it seems pretty cool.

Wake up and have a quick swim, fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing and enjoy the peacefulness of watching the waves roll in and out.

You may even be able to enjoy fresh caught seafood for dinner every night.

Where Are The Cheapest Beach Cities To Own A Home In?

Some beach homes are ridiculously expensive but there are lots that won't cost you much more than homes here in El Chuco. The realtor.com list looked at the cost of homes within 1 mile of the beach.

The Texas city that made the list was Corpus Christi where a beach crib will set you back around $289,948. Corpus is also the biggest city in the top 10.

The cheapest spot was Atlantic City, New Jersey where you can buy for as low as $185,000.

"Joysey" also comes with hardcore winters so living your best beach life may have its limitations.

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