New Mexico has the United States of America's oldest state capitol and this house is even older than it.

The oldest state capitol in the United States of America is Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe, New Mexico is also home to a really, REALLY old home. A sign posted on the home says it's the oldest home in the entire country.

The De Vargas Street House is located at 215 E. De Vargas Street, in the Barrio De Analco Historic District is actually one of the oldest buildings in the entire country.

The home's website says it was built in 1646 but the U.S. National Park Service dated some tree-ring samples from the house as being from between 1740 and 1767.

It could be even older though, assuming it was remodeled at some point which would explain "younger" wood. Part of the home's foundation was once an ancient Indian Pueblo that dates all the way back to the year 1200.

The Oldest Home In New Mexico

Interior and exterior photos of the oldest home in New Mexico

This pueblo was once inhabited by a tribe from the Tano speaking tribes of the northern part of the territory. Sometime around 1435 CE, this tribe abandoned their village, moving on to other sites farther south in search of water, better fields or hunting grounds. In 1598, Don Juan de Onate led a party of Spanish settlers into the area in search of a suitable place to establish a permanent settlement. -

Santa Fe is loaded with "old" stuff including the oldest restaurant in New Mexico which is also one of the oldest restaurants in the United States of America.

New Mexico's Oldest Restaurant

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