After the band posted a vintage concert poster from a show in 1975 in El Paso, fans are now wondering if this is the first time Henry was used by the band. Whoever runs the Black Sabbath social media accounts must be a big fan of nostalgia. But we're not complaining! Every week, followers are treated to a variety of vintage concert posters, photos and behind the scenes moments that they may not have seen before. That was the case for many when this week they posted a vintage concert poster from the band's tour stop in El Paso in 1975:

After the image was posted on Sabbath's social media accounts, fans were quick to notice something on the poster that even many seasoned fans may not have seen. Could this 44-year-old poster really be the first time we saw Henry, Sabbath's flying demon mascot? Many think so.

While Iron Maiden has Eddie, Megadeth has Vic Rattlehead, Motorhead's got Snaggletooth, and Dio's got Murray, Black Sabbath have their very own mascot named Henry. Henry is an angel to some, but a flying demon to most. The exact origin of Henry is a little murky, but Black Sabbath themselves say that Geezer Butler came up with the name Henry. They also credit the "Never Say Die!" album as the first time Henry was used by the band.

The tour merchandise from that album also included Henry, which would have been in 1976 and 1977. In an article written on a Black Sabbath fansite in 2012, they concluded as well that this was Henry's first time being used by the band.

Now after seeing the El Paso concert poster, we know this is incorrect! There are small differences from this original design and the current look of Henry (like the additional star inside of the circle) but the rest of the design is the same. If this is the original poster with Henry, who designed him? The artist did sign their name on the poster, which could possibly be M. Hodes. Whoever that is, they are the one who knows the truth about where Henry came from and why.

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