This 1950 footage of El Paso is pretty neat to watch knowing we will be having the trolley coming soon! This video looks like it takes place in the Downtown area because of the tall buildings around.

We can say that Uber Archives touched our hearts after publishing this 1950 video that's touring El Paso. It's awesome to see a bunch of classic cars along with the trolley driving around Downtown. Since the 19th century there have been many types of transportation in our home town. Some of you may recall Mandy the Mule who would pull the street car through Magoffin Avenue and San Antonio Street. Back in 1910 streetcars used to run all along Oregon Street which is hard to picture. It's the coolest thing to view El Paso before we had all the attractions that we have now.

If you like to see how much El Paso has changed, you will enjoy seeing this old 1950 video of the trolley!


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