If you've seen season four of Stranger Things, then you know one of the most iconic scenes happens in episode 9: where Eddie totally shreds to Master of Puppets by Metallica. If you haven't seen it, you can see that impressive performance here:

We already found out which songs would save El Pasoans from Vecna; but which solos would Eddie shred if he was listening to El Paso artists? Well here are some solos I can totally see Eddie playing along to:

Shadow Valley "Into the Valley...We Dwell": Shadow Valley already sounds like they're straight from the 80s. Into the Valley was very much inspired by classic metal & the solo at around 2:50 proves that Eddie could've easily fought off some demons.

Relayden "UFO": Speaking of the 80s, Relayden also has tunes that would've blended right in that 80s metal scene; probably with the progressive metal bands. And this song features 2 solos; a keyboard & a guitar solo. That's double the solo action Eddie would've pulled off

Kevin Leyva "Bloodshed": Let's get a little heavier; Kevin Leyva's music is a great blend of power & energy. Also he's a HUGE Metallica fan so that shadow connection to the show is absolutely there. But is there a solo? You bet there is. The WHOLE SONG is practically a solo.

Little King "Bombs Away": Ryan Rosoff has been keeping Little King going for years & the music just gets better as time goes on. Bombs Away is choked full of intensity & there's several mini solos sprinkled throughout the songs. The main solo lasts for 30 seconds & it has all the power that Eddie easily brought on the show.

Fusebox "Demon Melody": A song about demons in a show all about demonic creatures? Fusebox's Demon Melody is a sure fire pick; extra points for the final solo & the band speeding up to a ridiculous tempo before finally ending on that climatic final note. Also it's reminiscent where Eddie gradually grew more & more intense while soloing so one final point for that.

Into the Spiral "Where's The Sunshine": While not directly metal, the song FEELS dark & heavy, very reminiscent of the grunge sound in the 90s. Into the Spiral really brings out that darkness with the solo in "Where's the Sunshine". I think it's even more fitting considering the Upside Down world is well...dark. So it's fitting.

Ojo Malo/Brother Strange "Scorpion King": Brother Strange, now called Ojo Malo, have bringing the sound of sledge metal to El Paso for quite some time. Their WitchSlayer album had some real heavy tunes but the one I think Eddie could've pulled off with no problem is this one:

Texas Voodoo Stomp "Evil Magic": Very much inspired by the classic metal bands of the day (Black Sabbath, Down, Black Label Society), Texas Voodoo Stomp has been proving their heaviness since 2018. The hard part was picking just one solo to put here because a lot of their songs have great solos. But in the end, I picked Evil Magic. Just listen to the solo & you'll know why.

P. Razors "Left For Dead": There was no way I was gonna leave off one of the heaviest bands from El Paso. There's certainly no slim pickins' either. You can easily make a top 10 list for Razors songs ALONE. If Eddie loved Iron Maiden & Metallica, I think he would've loved the Razors too.

Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod": Al Jourgensen is the brain child for the industrial metal band Ministry & he's also an honorary El Pasoan. He's recorded in El Paso & he has a home IN El Paso. That's good enough for me to include Al on the list with his band Ministry.

Honorable Mention Second Nature "The End": This song features not only two incredibly talented musicians, Julio Ortega & Lorenzo Corral, but 2 good buddies of mine.

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