Well, another season of "Stranger Things" has come and gone.

If you're familiar, then you know that music is a way to break Vecna's spell. It's the episode that made everyone fall in love with "Running Up that Hill" by Kate Bush.

That scene still makes me cry!

While Vecna may only be terrorizing those in Hawkins, some of us in El Paso are fully ready to take on the Upside Down monster and are ready with the song that would break Vecna's spell. I asked Buzz and Nico what song they would choose. This was Buzz's answer:

Not surprisingly, it's a Gordon Lightfoot song. What is surprising is that it's not "The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald"

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This is the song Nico says would break Vecna's spell:

Also, Nico knows every word to this song, so I fully believe this would save him.

As for me? Well, I went with a song that I know would instantly get me out of Vecna's spell:

This is my favorite Iron Maiden song and hearing it live is amazing!

In honor of "Stranger Things" fourth season finale, I asked our Facebook followers what song would save them from Vecna's spell.

The answers did not disappoint! Here is what El Pasoans had to say.

Don't Stop Believing by Journey, Karma Chameleon by Culture Club, Don't you Forget About Me.

I love the 80's motif here, keeping it close to the "Stranger Things" theme and these are just great songs all together.

In keeping with the 80's theme:

Billy Idol "Eyes without a face"

This song is having a moment on TikTok and just that intro alone could pull you out of Vecna's lair.

Of course, in order to defeat the main monster of the Upside Down, we're going to need the Prince of Darkness:

No more tears - Ozzy Osbourne


And here's one that Eddie Munson himself would approve of:

Iron Maiden Run to the Hills.


And to defeat all the Monsters from the Upside Down, you may need the Knights in Satan's Service. (Yes, I know that's not what KISS stands for).

Kiss, I Was Made for Lovin’ You


I really appreciate the effort people made for this:

I've put a lot of time and research into this topic. Freedom 90 by George Michael.


Others were okay with just the artist.

Anything from H.I.M.

If I had to choose one from H.I.M. I'd go with this one:

Then, someone choose this song, and I'm sure MANY would agree this is a good choice.

La Chona


And of course, someone chose this song:

That song slaps.

We got some really great answers and I'd love to have gotten them all on here, but that would take forever. But thank you to everyone who gave some great answers. If you have decided what song would save you from Vecna's spell, let us know in our App Chat!

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