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The Walking Dead Harlem Shake [VIDEO]
What do you get when you combine one of America's favorite TV shows with the latest viral trend? You get Sheriff Rick Grimes of "The Walking Dead" doing the Harlem Shake...with a few of his friends.
Happy Walking Dead Valentine’s (Courtesy of Etsy)
Etsy, if you've never checked it out, is an awesome website. It's a place where artisans, designers, creative types and other assorted weirdos go to sell their original creations. Want a TShirt featuring fugitive L.A. cop Christopher Dorner? Etsy's got that. How about a pocket mirror …
(VIDEO) Trailer for New Season of “Walking Dead” is Here
I'm not making any special plans for the Super Bowl but I'm already planning my snack menu and buying Zombie-themed party decorations of of Etsy for my "Walking Dead" Premiere party on February 10th. I'm thinking barbecued cocktail weenies made to look like bloody hu…
Walking Dead + Lightsabers = Awesome! [Video]
So how do you make one of the best shows of all time "The Walking Dead" better? Easy add lightsabers to it. Just like they have done in this video in which Michonne uses her Jedi skills to kill some zombies.
Why Do KLAQ Morning Show Meetings Last So Long? Zombies. [VIDEO]
Believe it or not, the KLAQ Morning Show has staff meetings, like everyone else. And, like everyone else, our meetings last waaaayyy tooooo looooong because SOMEBODY (ahem -- Buzz!) loves to talk. But, unlike everyone else, the topics of discussion that keep us in the conference room are pretty...di…

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