It is only Wednesday and I am beyond anxious to see the new episode of The Walking Dead this Sunday!

If you have been keeping up with this season's zombie filled drama, you should enjoy these memes. If you have not, then get out of here, watch the shows and then come back! I don't want any complaints of spoilers or anything like that!

Now that we got that out of the way, to get some relief from my zombie fever, I've searched the social media sites to see if I can find some hints on who is on the other end of the phone Rick Grimes picked up at the end of the last episode.

No one knows for sure who will be on the line since the show likes to drift away from the comic to keep fans surprised. Instead of spoilers, I found some hilarious memes of Rick Grimes having some unlikely conversations.

Facebook/The Walking Dead Memes

The Walking Dead meets Day of the Dead!


Facebook/The Walking Dead Memes/Dave Smith

No No Lori No Here...


Facebook/The Walking Dead Memes/Matt Murphy

I think the all powerful Rick Grimes could totally take down Samara Morgan from "The Ring"


Facebook/The Walking Dead Memes/Alex Henniffent

They both are just chilling...killing.

Facebook/The Walking Dead Memes/Rigel Walshe

This is my favorite one! Shane has come back from the dead just to burn Rick!

Let it out Rick, just let it out. Can't a man get a break during a zombie apocalypse? This Sunday's episode is supposed to reveal who is on the other line! I'm hoping it's Conzuela from Family Guy!