Hooray! We now have a fancy produced intro for this segment. Now, I don't have to tell you what ...zzzzz-Bay! is all about! But I still will! Because these posts have to be a minimum of 150 words! Isn't that crazy?

So Buzz Adams takes a prescription sleep aid because he works such weird hours. The sleep aid is effective. Maybe too effective. Google "Buzz Adams Bicycle Accident" if you don't believe us.

One interesting quirk of this particular medication is that it takes about 20-30 minutes to put you to sleep. In the intervening time, I often do things I have no memory of ... like going online and buying a bunch of really strange and random stuff. When this stuff arrives 5 to 10 business days later, I have literally no recollection of what I've bought.

Check out this recent doped-up unboxing video. I think I've reached 150 words.

(Actually, I was five words short.)

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