It's Rex Manning Day! The day to honor the movie that shaped my formative years. "Empire Records" came out in 1995 to predominately negative reviews and did poorly at the box office. Since then, "Empire Records" has become a cult classic that had a significant impact on many. One of the main reasons is the unparalleled soundtrack that was able to speak to an entire generation through songs.

One of those people significantly impacted was me. After watching this movie as a child, I knew the songs on the album spoke to me on a higher level. I spent my time finding out all the songs on the soundtrack, then downloading them. After, I watched the movie and listened to songs that weren't on the soundtrack, looked up their lyrics (I'd say 'Googled' but it was most likely Ask Jeeves or Yahoo at that time) and downloaded those songs too. Most of my favorite songs from the movie weren't included on the soundtrack (which is offensive to bands like Gwar). So I decided to compile a list of the most influential songs from "Empire Records" for you to enjoy. And yes, Gwar is absolutely included on this list.

Gwar, "Saddam A Go-Go"

While the visuals of this band did scare me as a kid, the energy of the group and their interaction with Marc in the movie made me want to know more about this band. Yes, even the whole trying to eat him part.

Sponge, "Plowed"

This song still has the biggest impact on my mood. In the movie, the song is used to show the beginning of the massive block party to try and save the empire. I loved the gathering of all the misfits in one place all to save something they love and have a good time. This song always gets me in the mood to grab a drink and have a good time with everyone.

Coyote Shivers, "SugarHigh"

Out of all the characters in the movie, I adored Gina. She was pretty, carefree and seemed so confident but was still scared. I always wanted to have my Gina moment, finally singing in front of a big crowd and face my fear.

Edwyn Collins "Girl Like You"

This song had such an interesting sound, like David Bowie and Iggy Pop somehow made a baby named Edwyn. Not to mention Collins look and sound were something similar to Elvis Presley. The song is sexy and so easy to dance around to. Still a favorite of mine to jam out at the house to while getting ready.

Throwing Muses, "Snakeface"

This song is just a vibe- it's moody, romantic and sexual. Plus the scene from the movie was a perfect pairing. I feel like this song should have been a bigger hit when it came out.

Body Count, "Hey Joe"

You may think in the film this song is the original by Jimi Hendrix but it's this beautiful version by Body Count. It's worth it to listen to this song again because Body Count did a great job with this song. In my opinion the best cover of this song ever done. Period.

Quicksand, "Thorn In My Side"

This song was just another great rock song by a highly underrated band. Still a banger to this day for workouts.

The soundtrack and movie had so many great songs its worth it to check out the entire list and maybe rediscover for yourself a tune or two you may have forgotten about. Check out the full list here.

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