The El Paso area is beautiful. A mix of mountains, a .. that's right, singular, "A" ... river and plenty of desert.

If you travel north, south, east or west of El Paso; you will find a variety of geographic conditions. We're only about 200 miles from forests, lakes, and more but ... right here in El Chuco ... we have 3 temperatures and 3 views. The temperatures are "cold", (that only applies to a couple of weeks of the year), "pleasant", (that's most of the time, really) and "holy ****". (That would be mid-June - early September.)

The views, while limited, are striking though. It really is a great place to live so, here are a few rock tunes about ... or at least referenced to in title ... our areas key features.

Ready? (NOTE: I deliberately did not use real videos for these. If you're not actually doing any of the things I mention, use your imagination.)

Over The Mountain. A perfect song to listen to as you gaze at the Franklin Mountains, or as you travel over them via Trans Mountain or Scenic Drive. (Or, as you get wasted which I think falls more in line with Ozzy's thought process at the time.)

Where The River Flows. Kick back along the levee anywhere between El Paso and Las Cruces and just watch the Rio Grande flow to this one and let your mind wander.

Desert Plains. Judas Priest nailed it. Give it a listen as you roll across the loop or, hit that long stretch of nothing between here and Van Horn. Double points if you're on your way to see that special somebody and triple points if you're on a Harley!


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