The Zika virus. How much do we really know about it? Doesn't seem like a lot, does it? Well, medical officials worldwide are calling for safe sex or abstinence for six months if you get exposed to it.

Oh, this is going to go SO well.

KVIA (via CNN) reports that the warning is being applied to both men and women, even if they haven't felt symptoms or are no longer in an area where Zika could be. The new recommendation is an extension of the same announcement made last year. At the time, they asked people to practice safe sex for eight weeks. But after finding Zika hiding in semen for up to six months, they have increased their warning.

Currently, West Texas remains in the "low" category of Zika risk, according to the CDC, so take a grain of salt there.

Common symptoms of a Zika infection include rash, fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, and on occasion red eyes that appear similar to conjunctivitis. --

Zika has been linked to shrunken heads in newborn infants, but in reality doctors really still learning about what Zika is. Apparently, Zika can hide like a mofo, which makes it hard to nail down after an infection has happened. But basically, it appears biggest way it is being transmitted is during the hibbity-dibbity. So, doctors are calling for increased condom usage to help prevent transmission.

Good luck, and may God have mercy on us all.